We are very fortunate to have a team of generous and supportive partners! Thanks to them, we are able to keep Sail La Vie up to date, stocked and ready for any adventure!

Mauri Pro is an online retailer, but more so a collection of experienced sailors from around the world who share information to help you make the best informed buying decisions for your sailing needs! Steph is proud to be a Mauri Pro Ambassador and looks forward to helping other sailors all over the globe!


Headhunter produces premiere pole spears, spearfishing gear and a series of videos highlighting the watermans lifestyle! They pride themselves in quality and customer service. Headhunter is often first to market with new innovative ideas and Steph is proud to be part of the team.


Picasso is a premiere spearfishing brand who pride themselves in high quality, innovation and durability. Picasso produces spearfishing products to cover every aspect of the sport. I have been a proud athlete of the PIcasso Spearfishing team since 2019.


Oceaner specializes in custom wetsuits and spring suits. They are made of premium quality and pride themselves in top of the line customer service! I am happy to be a partner of the Oceaner team!


Lole is an outwear and travel wear company focused on creating a more sustainable future and inspiring people to feel good in every moment of every day! They use recycled materials when possible and their philosophy is to create stylish and long lasting garments! I love working with this lifestyle brand!


Mares is an industry leader in diving gear. As a brand they are focused on reliability, quality and safety. The produce a full line of products for both scuba diving and freediving.



Lionator is a lionfish pole spear company focused on the eradication of invasive Lionfish. They work to educate the public on the damage these fish do to the reefs, how to spear them and how to prepare them to eat! I am happy to be a member of the Lionator team and a distributor of their Lionator pole spears!


Guy Harvey is so much more than a brand! He is a man who is a blend of artist, scientist, diver, angler, conservationist and explorer. His brand is outdoor and fishing apparel highlighting Guy’s creative drawings. Guy Harvey uses recycled materials and also has a Ocean Foundation focused on scientific research and education.


DiveR is a brand of freediving and spearfishing fins. They pride themselves in doing custom design fins, hand painted by the very talented artist Naomi Gittoes. Their premium quality and design allow you to dive deeper and longer. I have been a DiveR ambassador since 2020.


Gili is a brand of eco friendly dive bags focused on sustainability and adventure travel. Their bags are made of recycled materials and are both stylish and durable. They are the perfect bag for all dive gear and every day life! I have been a proud ambassador of the Gili brand since 2019.


Bubba is a brand of fishing and spearfishing fillet knives and gaffs. They pride themselves on being determined, authentic, adventurous, pioneering and boundless. Bubba is innovative in new blades and products for the industry. I have been an ambassador for Bubba since 2019.


Barrel of Monks is a brewery making exclusively Belgian-style beer. Their focus is on quality, combining traditional techniques with modern technology. I am so proud to support locals and be a partner of the Barrel of Monks family.