Steph Schuldt​


  • Coast Guard Certified 100 Ton Captain
  • PADI Master Freedive Instructor
  • PADI Diver Master
  • First Aid & CPR Instructor
  • 4X Pole Spear World Record Holder
  • Spearfishing Guide
  • Sailor
  • Underwater Model
  • Brand Ambassador

My name is Steph and I am your typical American girl. I was born and raised in Florida, got a degree in Biology from Rollins College and a Masters in Business from Crummer School of Business. After graduating I jumped right into the working world for the next 13 years. I worked as a Business Consultant, Executive for a Car Rental Company, and for an Online Marketing Company.

I had the title, the paycheck, the house, the car… I was successful according to society standards but… something was missing. So, I made a change.

I left my corporate career, my title and paycheck, sold my car and bought a boat.

I bought a 46ft Fountain Pajot Sailing Catamaran, got my captains licensed and sailed to the Bahamas with my pup Zeaky to pursue the dream; living life on the ocean and sailing around the world.

Now I am a Master Freedive Instructor, USCG 100 Ton Captain, 4x Spearfishing World Record Holder, and Dive Master.

My goal is to sail around the world and invite others to come experience adventures on and in the ocean with me!