Want to join Team Sail La Vie as Crew?

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Sail La Vie Internship Program

Sail La Vie will begin offering Internship opportunities onboard beginning March 2022. Interns will be selected based on “best fit” and will be offered the opportunity to come on board for a 4-week program.

What’s In It For You:

  • Freediving Certifications up to PADI Master Freediver
  • Ocean Hours towards Captains License
  • Sailing Instruction
  • Boat Operating Skills (anchor, docking, creating a sail plan, navigating (day and night) etc)
  • Boat Maintenance Skills (engines, electrical, plumbing, rigging etc)
  • Spearfishing Instruction
  • Photo/Video Lessons by Professional Photographers
  • Cooking Lessons by Professional Chefs
  • Entrepreneur Skills | How to operate a Charter/Travel Business
  • Social Media Skills
  • Live onboard Sail La Vie for 4 weeks (own bed with a shared bathroom)

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Must be over 15 yrs or older (parents consent required if under 18yr old)
  • Non-smoker
  • Must love dogs
  • Experience in video editing and cooking is a plus
  • Experience on boats is a plus
  • Must have a valid Passport


  • Assist with deck lines
  • Pull up/drop anchor
  • Clean cockpit and salon daily
  • Keep the dinghy full of fuel and clean
  • Assist with boat maintenance (oil changes, fuel filters etc)
  • Host sails
  • Clean dishes/ take out the trash when needed
  • Assist with Freediving Courses and Spearfishing
  • Assist with Navigation
  • Take Zeaky and Finn on beach walks
  • Assist with Social Media
  • Assist with video editing


$2500 (4-week program)
Included: All food and accommodation on board, all Freediving Certifications, all training and skill development. *Letter of recommendation and/ or sign off for Captain License ocean hours will be provided upon successful completion.

Who are you and why you want to join?

“Life Changing – Amazing ! “

January 2022