What You Need to Know Before Coming Onboard!

  • Negative RT-PCR Covid test results- test date has taken within 5 days of travel (nasal or mouth swab)
  • Approved Bahamas Health Travel Visa.

      * Please print both and have them available to show at check-in for your flight

  • For customs: tell them you are staying on board a catamaran called Sail La Vie at Bay St Marina, Nassau (unless otherwise specified prior to your arrival)
A local Bahamian taxi driver will be waiting for you with your name on a sign as you exit the airport and walk outside. The taxi driver will bring you to the boat and can take you to any stores prior to boarding the catamaran.

The taxi typically costs $50-$70 from the airport to the catamaran and cash is the only accepted form of payment. There will be an additional fee if you want to stop by any store prior to your arrival to the boat.

Yes! You are welcome to stop by any stores to get anything you forgot or want before you arrive to the boat

Since Sail La Vie is a Catamaran, in most conditions It is very stable with minimal rocking. Dramamine, patches and pressure bands will be provided onboard if you are worried about getting seasick. I also recommending buying the seasick patch and wearing it at least an hour before you board the catamaran.

The boat comes “turn key”and the following will be provided to you:

  • Bedding
  • Towels
  • Shampoo/Conditioner/ Soap
  • Reusable water bottles
  • All kitchen utensils
  • Sunscreen
  • All food, drinks, snacks, alcohol (when you choose the option to have a chef)
  • Yes! We will run the AC at night to cool off the rooms and provide a comfortable sleeping environment.
  • Yes! We have high speed WiFi that will be available at most locations we visit.
  • Soft travel bag (no hard suitcases)
  • At least 2 bathing suits
  • Lightweight shirts/ shorts
  • Sleepwear
  • Sweatshirt for cooler nights
  • Light rain jacket
  • Sunglasses
  • 1 pair of flipflops/shoes ( you will not need shoes while onboard)
  • Personal medications/ glasses or contacts etc
  • 1 hat
  • Mask/ fins/ snorkel / rash guard/ gloves(can be provided upon request)
  • Spearfishing gear: pole spear or slings only (no guns allowed in the Bahamas), extra slip tips, bands, injector rods etc (can be provided upon request)
  • Chargers
  • Camera/go pro ( can be provided upon request)
  • Eternal hard drive, memory card or USB drive to download photos/videos from the trip to take with you
  • We track the weather multiple times per day and do our best to avoid storms. Most storms in the Bahamas pass in a couple of hours. If the weather is unavoidable and too bad during your stay, you will have the option to reschedule your trip.

Every day is different but our typical day is:

  • Wake up and have breakfast/coffee/tea
  • Morning stretch or workout/ relax
  • Go out adventuring/ diving/ spearfishing/ sailing
  • Enjoy lunch
  • More adventuring
  • Return to the boat for a sundowner (happy hour) drink and snacks while watching the sunset
  • Dinner
  • Night snorkel or relax/ play games/ have drinks/ lay on the trampoline and count shooting stars before heading to bed
  • Absolutely! This is your vacation so we will take care of operating the boat, but you are welcome to be as involved in the sailing process as you would like to be!
  • Nope! Both freediving and scuba diving certifications will be offered to you during your stay if you are interested. *Minimum of open water scuba certification will be required prior to any scuba dives.