The Bahamas

The Bahamas 2022

The Bahamas are made up of over 700 islands and are home to the most beautiful waters and abundant marine wildlife. 

Join us as we sail around exploring shipwrecks, grottos, swimming with pigs, spearfishing, shark diving, cliff jumping and so much more!






To Steph and the Sail La Vie Team,

Thank you for an extra ordinary experience. Throughout the entire weekend I felt extremely safe, whether we were diving in the deep blue or sailing throughout the night. Hence me sleeping for 10 hours after the first night of diving. Steph’s knowledge and passion for the ocean and diving shined bright every day. She is very patient and communicate directions to everyone on board extremely well.

Being freediving certified I was excited to dive in the Bahamas. My weekend was fun and challenging. Following Steph’s lead, I was able to dive deeper with more confidence. I finished the trip with not one, not two, but three massive Lobsters. I had the option to shoot with a Hawaiian Sling and the Pole Spear. After spending time in the water catching fish and lobster the Sail La Vie team prepped amazing dishes like, Lobster salad, fish tacos, ceviche, Poké bowls, and so much more. Being fed amazing fresh food was the last of my concern! I believe that experiences are made through who you share them with. Outside of the great captain, Steph, the other two couples I was able to meet aboard were high quality individuals. We shared a common love for the ocean, spearing and diving. Playing Backgammon, drinking beer, listening to lively music, or prepping a delicious meal, we all laughed and joked as if we have known each other for years.

I highly recommend the Sail La Vie experience to anyone! If you are interested in becoming freediving certified, Steph can teach you. If you are already certified, she will provide the experience of a lifetime, challenging your current skill level and celebrating victories appropriately. If you want to have family trip and just get away, Sail La Vie is very comfortable, rides well, and offers the perfect view for sunrises and sunsets.

Curt Maggitt, July 2021